Small Business Server

“No More Small Business Servers from Microsoft as we know them”

The environment for Small & Medium Business and on promise (in house) servers has changed significantly this year with Microsoft deciding not to develop SBS2013 and also to stop selling SBS2011 on November 30th 2013 other than original equipment machines.

“Support for Windows Server 2003 and Small Business 2003 to end soon”

Those with SBS2003 now have a challenge, the support for Server 2003 and derivatives is about to finish by the end of 2014, this means no more updates, support and therefore not a solution to risk continuing business with.

What are the options for Businesses that need on premise servers to run their in house only applications?

Microsoft believe the Office 365 package with Outlook and SharePoint is the replacement for Small Businesses for email and sharing of documents along with your business applications running from the internet (Cloud) but they have underestimated the delivery of high speed internet connectivity for many small businesses, particularly in rural areas and smaller towns, where the transfer of documents, scanned files and images would be too slow to be useable!

LazenbyIT has solutions and options to provide on-premise servers for the companies that need them along with connectivity to the internet services where applicable, known as a hybrid solution.

We have been working with a number of clients to implement SBS2011 while it was still available and this will be supported for a number of years.

Together with the need for businesses to upgrade from Windows XP and Office XP by May 2014 this provides a challenge to small businesses to make the change in the near future.

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