Business Continiuty, Security & Risk Consultant

LazenbyIT have many years of providing Business Conintuity AuditingBusiness Contiuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning.

We offer packages that suit the needs and size of each organisation and have business health checks and audits that take the first step to understanding how your business works, where exisiting processes and risk managment meet best practises and where these are out of date need updating or additional measures are required. These may initially be general, and after initial audit be more specfic to review external cumputer security risks, internal security risks, wireless security risks, server and data security, document and information security risks. With ethical hacking expertise and access checkign tools we are able to advise on how effective your defences are to attack.

LazenbyIT provide a report with recommended action plans and colour coded rating to help identify critical, important or effective processes and plans to focus where remedial work may be required. We communicate at every step and seek your agreement before additional work. This work is necessary in an increasingly hostile internet where orgainised groups seek to capture your information or vulnerabilites and sell this on to others.

We provide templates to get you started and workshops to help staff understand why this is important and how to approach developing team, department and then overall business risk management strategies and plans to cope when incidents occur.

Experience shows failure to be prepared results in 78% of companies ceasing trading within 18 months of a serious incident.

In many cases helping to document processors, extracting head knowledge is a major step to overcoming risks.

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