Our Approach

Our approach is to be part of your team – A helping hand when you need IT
  • Your business and people comes first, not the technology
  • Investing in the correct technology not only improves productivity but it can increase the value of your business
  • Systems that work at your speed make you more efficient to spend more time with customers and can reduce the long hours of running a business
  • Taking ergonomics and ease of use in to consideration give you the right posture and can reduce health problems
We listen to how your business works and how you see your future
  • A Helping Hand when you need IT

    A Helping Hand when you need IT

    To improve what you already have

  • Provide cost effective options to help your business develop
  • Provide advice and solutions to protect your business

A current question

Should you embrace the recent move to internet based (cloud) services and products that offer pay as you go, scalable services?

The answer is it depends on what you do and what you use, some businesses started in the cloud or have moved over completely, others have stayed with local solutions because of their business needs and others have used the best of both or hybrid solutions. May companies are looking for improved collaboration between staff and consultants and cloud services can provide this cost effectively. The lack of internet connection performance can be a limiting factor, however in rural areas there is are satallite solutions that can provide an excellent service and the performance required.

Previous experience

  • We know managing cash flow and controlling capital investment is vital for all businesses and we have this in mind with all our recommendations.
  • With over 25 years of experience across the business spectrum we have the professional attention to detail to deliver well tried solutions; yet the flexibility to investigate and implement new solutions that enable businesses to compete in changing market places.
  • We have experience across various industries and the products and services that work well together, but if you are interested in particular solutions / technologies you can review our case studies.

Challenges we have helped resolve

  • Internet performance can be a limiting factor for some rural based businesses and we have solutions to help wherever you are based.
  • We are happy to integrate one solution or holistically integrate a suite that meets your exact needs today without forgetting future needs.
  • We don’t just install and walk away we seek to build strong relationships and deliver proactive maintenance, a proven more cost effective solution; then fixing when it breaks with business disruption and lost productivity.
  • We have technical experts in each discipline and access to international round the clock support from manufacturers, suppliers and experts should this be needed.

Solutions that are focused on improving business productivity and profitability

  • We provide expert server migrations using the best practices to minimise downtime and risks, data migration to CRM systems to enhance your marketing campaigns and customer relationship management.
  • Document Management provides reduction in filing regaining office space along with the ability to find any document in seconds. Saves on offsite document storage and even saves accident book records for 50 years to meet health & safety regulations.
  • FCA (FSA), PCI compliance are just two of the challenges to financial businesses but with our knowledge and expertise in these areas we can ensure you remain compliant in vital IT systems while focusing on your core business services.