Online Backup

LazenbyIT uses on-line backup and recommend this service to our clients as a cost effective safe guard for your vital business information. Each solution is designed with the business requirements, budgets and risk profile in mind.

Local backups are often an integral part of protecting business data but this can be compromised along with the business computers and server(s), hence the use of on-line backup where the data is securely stored on purpose build data centres with fire protection, security systems that are beyond the budget of most SME businesses to achieve alone.

Should the worst happen and the building be destroyed by fire or flood or the systems stolen the on-line backup will have saved the vital business data to enable recovery of the business.

A well known statistic is over 40% of business that suffer a loss of data go out of business within 5 years and 78% of business who have no business continuity plan go out of business with in 18 months after a major disaster.