Collaboration (Office 365 & SharePoint)

Collaboration to stay competitive

A paradym shift in how businesses work today empowers true collaboration and work anywhere solutions.

Google Apps and Docs have helped many bsuinesses move away from the single office working space and empower interaction and services wherever they happen to be. This has changed other providers like Microsofts view of business needs for greater collaboration and seemless integration of information. The new brand of Office 365 and SharePoint online that is bringing together the standard microsoft based office products with online office and email is revolutionising business productivity, flexibility and response times.

For businesses that interact with other companies, consultants and specialists spread nationally or internationally, they can now utilise existing tools and share ideas and information in a new realtime way.

Lync is a multi user version of skype that allows interaction and sharing of multiple desktops for training, project management or design of a range of documents and medias.
With the improving internet connection to offices and home offices people can be greener, stay off the roads, work and have meetings without unproductive travel times inbetween. Or untilise mobile equipment (smart phones, tablets, laptops) to continue communicating with others when travelling.

LazenbyIT is working with our customers and customers of other partners to utilise this new joined up collaboration tool set to bring clarity of communication, version control and document sharing that avoids sending documents by email and the resulting nightmare of who and where is the latest version.

If you would like to utilise these cost effective empowering solutions or to find out more then please get in touch we thrive on helping people achieve their dreams. On PC or Macs, on Android, Windows or Apple portable computers on Google or Microsoft platforms.

Microsoft Office 365

New businesses have a new choice of email and office licensing option rather than having an in-house small business server running email, file and print services all of these services can be supported over the internet.

Existing businesses that have ageing servers and old office licenses may consider this a more cost effective solution  than replacing the licenses and servers.

  • This offers always available services
  • Access them from the office, on the road, at home or anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Use just email, calendars and contacts or add in on-line storage (one Drive for Business) and Intranet (Share Point) to store you company templates, manuals, guides and policies
  • With certain office 365 packages you can include the latest Office licenses for 5 or more computers, giving a monthly subscription licensing to manage business cash flow

To bring our knowledge and expertise into your business to discuss you specific needs please contact us.

A hybrid solution is also applicable where a local server is required for some business services but the ability to provide always available email services to staff and consultants across the country or the world.

LazenbyIT have the expertise to integrate solutions and services to match business needs now and into the future. Our focus is helping businesses make the most of technology and minimising the risks of using it.