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Modern Satellite Broadband overcomes the lack of high speed broadband that is holding back many businesses in rural areas or business parks.

Release your business potential wherever you are. Satellite-Broadband



Many businesses are based away from towns and cities but as they grow and their needs change the of use high speed broadband moves from optional to business critical. This may be Farms that have diversified into providing rural business centres that need the internet and phones cost effectively, home businesses or rural business parks.


The main telecom providers are focused on providing high speed internet to residential areas in towns and cities where there is a very good return on their investment. As a result businesses are having to foot high bills to compete or suffer slow performance that is holding back business. Leased lines and Ethernet Fibre solutions are expensive to install and the monthly fees out of reach for most businesses.


For a realistic installation investment, a south facing wall, a satellite dish without planning permission requirements can be installed within 14 days. The service provides up to 22 Mbps download speeds and up to 6 Mps upload speeds.


The Satellite service provides around 12 times the upload speed of most ADSL solutions and three to four times the download speed. Does not need a telephone line to function. Provides more than internet access with VOIP internet based phone services. Yes phones without wires to an exchange. Some of these systems are helping wind farm companies manage their wind turbines in very inaccessible locations.


Yes there are some limitations to this service, severe weather conditions may effect the service for a period of time. But this usually reduces the performance rather than preventing access to the internet.


There are two provisions of service, one without a fixed static IP address (like home internet ADSL) or with fixed static IP address (like business ADSL with servers). A site survey is required to assess the direction and clear unobstructed path to the global orbiting satellite and the type of fixing bracket required. Then it is a case of selecting the service you require / can afford. Don’t worry you can change the package as your business needs change. The satellite comes with a modem to allow connection to a computer or a network via a router. We can also provide a router, the installation and configuration of the network. Save money on your telephone bills, internet phones have more features, and cut costs by up to 50%, they work over Satellite , ADSL and Fibre Broadband. If you are interested in the Satellite Broadband or Internet Phone packages please ask.


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