Financial Services

LazenbyIT was established in 2007 to assist Small to Medium Enterprises utilising previous experience and training from the Corporate Financial Services sector. Our extensive knowledge of meeting financial services business needs helps us understand the needs of Chartered Accountant and Independent Financial Advisers.

Installing servers to improve the performance of financial orientated products, including Avelo Advisor Office and integrating with Virtual Cabinet document management systems delivers a significant boost to managing a financial practice.

Computers that have reached end of life or without manufacturers support warranties are no longer classified as compliant within FCA (FSA) system requirements; LazenbyIT has assisted in the replacement of servers, migration of data, updating of financial programs while maintaining business service and protecting data.

As an example document management reduced filing from five cabinets to under half a cabinet for one customer, releasing enough office space to add two new desks. The ability for all staff to locate any document while customers are on the phone without leaving their desks improves productivity, customer service and overcomes the danger of fire or flood destroying client documents.

The database can easily be archived to removable media for disaster recovery, can be archived nightly to secureĀ  internet backup, certified and used by HMRC and FCA (FSA) themselves.