Document Management

Changing the way documents are stored, retrieved and referenced to clients vastly improves searching, customer services and removes the need for expensive off site secure storage for documents.

Eight Business Benefits from moving to Document Management

1. Protects your documents cost effectively

2. Bring document searches and retrieval down to seconds

Protecting your paper assets off site for 7 or more years can be expensive, time consuming and a slow process search for historical documents – Document Management is a solution we recommend to effectively resolve your paper storage and enhance your search of historical information.

3. Saves office space

4. Reduces the risk of damage or loss

Storing paper takes up office space and is a fire hazard, if damaged by water, smoke or fire the original documents can be destroyed, a breach of data protection and legal requirements to maintain the information for 7 years, document management along with secure off site secure database backup provides a long term cost effective solution that meets legal requirements and gives space back for other uses.

5. Improves retrieval times

6. Improves customer relations

The focus for our financial clients is not just on retention of documents for 7 years but the ability to rapidly review previous quotations, reviews or history and in some cases provide information for tax returns or estate information. No need to find the file and call the client back, makes the business appear more professional.

7. Flexible solutions to meet your current and future needs

Depending on the number of staff and functions required we offer a range of solutions and work with expert document management partners.

8. A helping hand from LazenbyIT utilities our experience and helps with asking the correct questions, customization and smooths the transition and prepares the systems for it.

LazenbyIT integrate the solution, we take time to understand all your business and the way you work and maximize the accuracy of transition to document management such as Virtual Cabinet and minimize the time taken. With install, configure and manage the integration with CRM systems such as Avelo for financial service providers this has made huge improvements for existing clients.