Time for a Windows make over as XP retires!

Microsoft are phasing out support of Windows XP by April 2014 the security updates will cease leaving the systems more and more vulnerable to attack by viruses, Trojans and other malware. The support from Microsoft will cease at the same time for systems running Windows XP.

You can go on using the software, that’s your choice.

But companies who are working under government guidelines such as the FCA (FSA) will discover that they will have to upgrade to stay with in the systems requirements of their governing body – “To have systems fit for purpose” that is ones that are supported, secure and not end of life.

Time to migrate to Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 – a difficult process, well not necessarily!

LazenbyIT have replaced old laptops and computers running Windows XP, Office XP with All-in-one touch screen computers running Windows 8 and Office 2013, with minimal down time (5 minutes to swap them over).

Did the users struggle – NOT AT ALL – within 20 seconds they were using their fingers to select items on the screen.

  • Using Office 2013 was not as difficult as they expected.
  • A side effect is they only use their computers for half a normal working day because they are so responsive and quick.
  • They have stopped working in the evenings and spend more of their days doing business with customers!
  • They are positive and actually enjoy coming to work.
  • Old back aches from too many hours working on small laptop screens have given way to no back ache.
  • Touch is being used on more devices everyday, did they need it not really at the moment but if in 2 – 3 years everything is going to touch they would have wasted their investment and missed out on the cash back incentive to go touch screen now.

See the case study and learn what the boss had to say…..


What are you waiting for?

Get the LazenbyIT make over your business has been waiting for and enjoy productivity, efficiency, happy staff and whats more increase the value of your business to a prospective buyer.

We recommend Windows 8 at the moment until some of the undocumented features of Windows 8.1 are resolved.